Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi-Permanent make-up is a process where pharmaceutical grade pigments

Are expertly infused into the dermal layer of skin in order to achieve a shadow of colour

That creates a low maintenance base to the daily application of conventional makeup   

The result can be a subtle or dramatic as you wish

The pigment stays permanently in the skin

However the colour will fade out gradually over time normally 1 - 3 years.

A colour boost every 12 -18 months is recommended to keep it looking fresh

Procedures are safe

Eye Brows

Eyebrows can be brought back to shape and sparse areas of growth filled in, with individual strokes to imitate hairs

 Whether you require full brow reconstruction, arch definition or lengthening

Carefully designed brows will help restore appearance  

Permanent makeup will give you the added confidence of knowing your brows will remain perfectly in place

Eye Liner

Perfect smudge free Eyeliner is easily achieved with the implantation of pigment in the lash line.  

Eyes can be made to look bigger, and the illusion of lashes created.

Choose from a subtle enhancement, smoky shadow or definite line.  

Permanent makeup will bring back colour depth and definition to the eyes when lashes are fair or have been lost


Lip liner/contour can be designed  to give lips a fuller, plumper, more youthful appearance  

This is an excellent way of enhancing the shape

Redefining contour and creating symmetry to uneven or thin lips


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